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Amazon strike in Italy, Masucci: “Last monday first, important step against ‘false modernity’”

“A few years ago, the forecourt in front of the Amazon plant in Passo Corese was inaccessible to the Union. Having been last week in the presidium in front of the site with our flags, as part of the national strike, therefore assumes a ‘historical’ value”.

“As far as we are concerned, we will not stop until the myth of ‘false modernity’, according to which an algorithm developed in Barcelona decides the working pace of people, is overcome”.

“’Innovation’  is not a simple technological application, but a combination of rights and new frontiers of work”.

This is what the General Secretary of the Fit-Cisl Lazio, Marino Masucci, has declared after the Unitary Presidium of Amazon workers in Passo Corese.

“From the work rates to the stabilization of the precarious, passing through the shift and the excessive working loads for the drivers, there are many issues on which to open a dialogue with the company”.

“It is necessary to understand that intermediation is not a ‘vintage’ concept, on the contrary, the real power is in unity”.

”At the same time that in the Amazon factory in Bessemer USA, they start to talk about the corporate attitude towards the social partners, the court of Rieti has confirmed the anti-union conduct of Amazon at Passo Corese in not recognizing one of our union rep.”

“Worker per worker, plant per plant, an international solidarity network must be create to build alternatives to the current lack of dialogue”

”Workers cannot be ‘squeezed like lemons’, without their demands and needs being heard: there is nothing modern about it”.


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